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Tips: Insert ym before "" to download videos from YouTube as a faster method.

How to Download Youtube Videos

Download your favorite Youtube videos by following the three simple steps below.

1. Copy Video URL

Copy the video URL that you need to download.

2. Paste Link

Paste the copied video link into the search box above and click the "Download" button to convert YouTube video in MP4 or MP3 format.

3. Download Video

Choose your preferred format and Click the “Download” button to start downloading the file to your device.

Y2matPLUS is the Best YouTube Video Downloader

Download Youtube Video Fast & Easy

Y2matePlus is the best Youtube video downloader. Y2matePlus is the most reliable online video and audio downloader to convert and download from youtube. Y2matePlus helps you to download youtube videos, convert youtube to mp4, extract audio from music videos and download youtube short videos.

Without Limitations

Y2matePlus allows you to convert & download video from YouTube to Mp3, Mp4 in HD quality. Y2matePlus supports downloading all video formats including MP4, M4A, WEBM, MP3, etc. You can easily download thousands of videos from YouTube and other websites without any limitations.

All Devices Compatible

Y2matePlus downloader allows you to watch your favorite YouTube videos offline on your PC, TV or nearly any other devices such as Android or iOS phones or tablets. Y2matePlus downloader is easy, safe and fast, just try it out!

Y2matePLUS is an Online Video Downloader

Y2matePLUS - the best online video downloader of all times! Y2matePLUS is a free online video downloader that helps you to save video and audio for offline watching.

Online video downloader

Download online video using Y2matePlus, - the best video downloader online. With years of experience, we know what an online video downloader should be.

Youtube video downloader

Y2matePlus is a perfect Youtube video downloader. It will help you download videos from Youtube as mp4, mp3, etc. HD youtube downloader included.

Facebook video downloader

Try Y2matePlus next time you need to download videos from Facebook. Backup your fb videos by downloading them via Y2matePlus to your device, free and fast.

Twitter video downloader

Y2matePlus is a superior video downloader for Twitter. If you have something worthy, we can even convert it to mp3. No nonsense download twitter videos.

Youtube audio converter

In case there's some awesome track on Youtube, you can use Y2matePlus as youtube audio converter to extract mp3 from Youtube video and listen to it offline.

Instagram video downloader

Remember, you can download Instagram videos to your device using Y2matePlus Instagram Downloader. Download IG stories, IGTV videos, convert to mp3.

High-quality Outputs

Output downloaded YouTube videos are up to 320kbps for audio, 720p for a video. For a video without sound, the downloaded YouTube videos can be up to 4K (from 1080P, 2K, 4k, etc).

Easy Download Steps

Y2matePlus only requires an extremely easy steps to download a video online. No need to click any ads, no annoying popups, no malwares, no requirement for registration needed, no premimun membership needed for processing. Just one click will do all the job!

Why Choose Y2matePLUS to Download Videos from YouTube Online?

Y2matePlus is an easy and powerful platform support for downloading video and audio from many websites. It supports youtube converting mp3, youtube to mp4, facebook video download, twitter video download, instagram video download, Reddit video download, Pinterest video download, etc. Most of the popular formats are available. Y2matePlus can be used in any browser in any device such as laptop, iPhone, iPad, and so on. Moreover, Y2matePlus does not show any popup ads, secured https browsing, no tracking, full privacy protected, fast and easy to use... That's why you should use Y2matePlus.

Support downloading video from more than 1,000 websites

Y2matePlus can download video from a huge number of websites, including youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, vkontakte, twitch, vimeo, dailymotion, periscope, culturebox, soundcloud, vevo, mixcloud, imgur, lynda, espn, apple, crackle, bbc, gfycat, reddit, aparat, rutube, yahoo, southpark, coub, fc2, gyao, tiktok, odnoklassniki, etc. Read more...

Better alternative to other downloaders

We don't want to be too bold, but we've compared our site to all of the following,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Y2matePlus looked and worked way better. See for yourself...

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Y2matePLUS, and Answers are here....

What is the fastest way to download Youtube videos?

The fastest way to download Youtube videos:

  • Open the Youtube URL you need to download in a browser.
  • Add "ym" before the word "" and then click "Enter". For example: =>
  • Select the file format that you preferred and then click to "Download" button to save it offline.

Why download video from YouTube?

There are many reasons to download from YouTube:

  • The Youtube video can be deleted or blocked for many reasons already a couple of hours after its publication;
  • You can watch Youtube video offline at any time, especially when without having the Internet access on your personal computer or laptop, during travel or long flights;
  • Watching the downloaded video offline will not be accompanied by a constant demonstration of annoying ads.

The best online video downloader Y2matePlus allows you to download and save not only from YouTube, but also from Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

What devices are compatible for the conversion?

This Video Downloader Y2matePlus supports to download from Youtube regardless of what device or operating system you may be using. Downloading is compatible with all PC devices, smart phones and tablets.

What browsers are supported by Y2matePlus?

Y2matePlus video downloader supports absolutely any browser, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, IE, and others.

Is the video downloader Y2matePlus free?

Yes, use of the service Y2matePlus is absolutely free. There are not any limitations to download from youtube. Our cloud-based downloader is easy to use and fully accessible.

What video/audio formats are supported?

Y2matePLUS allows you to download MP4, 3GP, Webm, FLV, AVI, M4A, MP3 format, etc. You can watch video right after that on your device.

Which quality is supported?

Y2matePlus supports the quality of SD, HD, FullHD, 144P, 240P, 360P, 720P, 1080P, 2K, 4K, etc. However, the quality of the downloaded video depends entirely on the original source file.

Are there any limitations on the time and the number of videos that I can download?

No. There are not any limitations to download from youtube with our service. You can download as much as you like.

Where are the downloaded video/audio saved?

Normally, files you've downloaded are automatically saved in the Downloads folder or the "download history" section on your device.

Why do I get a "invalid link" error?

If you get an invalid link error, it's probably because the video is not accessible. In this case, we recommend that you try it out again. If you keep having issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Download Private Youtube Videos?

You can download private youtube videos as you download publich youtube videos with our Y2matePlus downloader. It is completely anonymous.

Can live Youtube videos be downloaded?

Yes, live Youtube videos can be download but only once the live video has finished streaming.

How to download 1080p YouTube videos?

Sometimes, you might find there is no 1080p option offered on the download page of an online video, this is due to the fact that the output quality will not be higher than the original quality. If the original video quality is no higher than 1080P, for example 720P, then you you can't download this YouTube video as a 1080p format. And currently, for youtube 1080P videos, you can only download 1080P video without sound, then you should download the audio file, and combine then locally.

Does Y2matePlus store the video/audio?

No, doesn’t store, offer, host, share or provide any kind of multimedia contents such as youtube video or youtube music, and they are already open and already available to general public provided by the related CDN services. We just provide services to extract the available download links for the user (the person who use the service of And the downloading process is secured and completely anonymous.

How can I support this website?

You can support Y2matePlus by sharing our website with your friends on your social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.